面白い8年生・Crazy 8th grader



彼は彼の年齢の僕のように行動したと思う。笑 コメディーのセンスだったら彼のほうが強いけどな。3人の少女たちと一緒に食べていた。彼が僕の目に見て、少し苦しんでいる声で「金タマが・・・下の金タマが・・・」と言ってから、「・・・かゆい」と言った時を、僕は明らかに覚えている。







A two weeks ago, I did a lesson with three students that are “emotionally disabled”. I’m not entirely sure what that means, but those three students were taught English separately from other students. It was the first time I or the teacher taught English in that class (usually they have special support teachers). Because of that, the teacher wanted to understand their level, so we played a game that I found on the internet. For the most part, the students seemed pretty normal compared to their peers, so I’m not sure if they have learning disabilities or not.

However, one of the students seemed a little loud compared to the other students. Since we had so much time in a small room together, when I went into a classroom to eat lunch last week, he wanted me to sit with him and some other students (he eats with the other students). While eating lunch I began to understand why he is separated from the other students. He seems like he would be quite disruptive. But, during lunch, he was funny. He acted a bit like an elementary school student, but he also had a sense of comedy.

He acted a bit how I might act at his age, actually. lol His sense of comedy is better than mine, though. There were three girls sitting with us. I remember so clearly when he looked at me straight in the eyes and said, “My balls…my balls…”, with pain in his voice, then said, “…itch.”

The girl next to me started cracking up.

Then, while he had food in his mouth, he started coughing and a bit of rice flew out his mouth and onto his desk, grossing a couple of the girls out. Shortly afterward, he looked at them and started to make a strange Mongolian throat singing kind of noise. As you can imagine, they were worried what the hell was going on. A second or two later as he reached his climax, he pulled out a box of tissues from out of his desk. The crowd went wild. lol

Finally, as lunch time was wrapping up, he took his tray to the front of the class where the other trays were being collected. Then, in a grand finale, he let out the best junior high school belch he could muster. I wanted to laugh, but I felt that the teacher might be mad if I seemed to endorse that kind of behavior. In hindsight, I should have taken the opportunity to teach the class the expression “Eww, gross”. lol

I think I’ll try to eat with his class more often.

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