兵庫の留学生たち、2013年・Students From Hyogo, 2013

今年、毎年のように、英語を勉強したり旅行したりするために、兵庫の留学生たちは2週間に僕の大学に来た。(まあ、元大学だと言うかな。)途中に書き買ったけど、いろいろ忙しくなったから、みんなはすでに帰国しちゃった。(;^_^) いろいろなことをしたけど、この日記で何をしたか書かない。むしろ、これは僕の日記だから、僕の話ばかり書く。わがままにしてすいません。m(_ _)m

去年、学生がたくさんいて、みんなと仲良くしなかったので、みんなの名前を覚えられなかった。みんなと一週間遊ぶけど、名前を知らないことは嫌だね。そこまでになったら、簡単に名前を聞けないからさ。笑 でも、アメリカ人とあまり話さない人の名前を覚えるのは難しい。去年、そんな学生はいなかったけど、まあ、恥ずかしい人はいたね。今年もいるけど、僕は頑張ってみんなの名前を聞いた!自分の恥ずかしさを直している気がする。だんだん成長しているなと思う。


怒らなくて、文句を言っていないけどね。笑「マイカはnice guyだけど変態」と言われるから、まあ、僕も怪しい人だということが真実かも。


約1週間前、シアトルに行ったあと、風を引いた。(>_<) 今も完全に治っていない。だから、2日間に休まなくてはいけなかった。本当に悔しかった。その後、疲れたけど、最後まで遊びに行った。

見送りの日、みんなは空港に集まってさようならと言った。驚いたけど、女の子ではなくて、男の子の方は泣いた!そして、先生の泣いている姿を始めて見た。(0_0) 僕は6ヶ月後、日本に留学するから、泣くことが要らなかったと思った。またみんなに会うことを楽しみ!


This year, like every year, students from Hyogo came to my school to study English and have fun for two weeks. (I guess you might say it's my former school.) I wanted to write something while they were here, but some stuff happened and I got too busy. We did all kinds of stuff, but I won't be writing about any of it in this journal. Instead, seeing as how this is my journal, I'm going to write about myself. You'll need to forgive me for being so selfish. m(_ _)m

Last year, there were a lot of students, and I wasn't able to really get to know all of them very well, so I wasn't able to memorizes their names. It sucks not knowing the name of someone you've been hanging out with for a week, you know? It's not easy to ask them their name at that point. But, memorizing the names of people that don't really talk much to Americans is hard. Last year, there wasn't really anybody like that, although there were some shy people. This year there are some shy people, too, but I manage to ask them all their names! I guess I'm fixing up my own shyness. I think I'm slowly growing up.

Also, there is something related to my own creepiness. I know that I acted creepy, but this year's girls were crazy creepy. They were even creepier than me. They just touched my nipples and my but all they wanted and lifted my shirt. Isn't that creepier than me?

I'm not mad or complaining or anything, though. I'm know as a "nice guy" but a "hentai" by some of the girls, so I know that I'm definitely creepy.

Oh yeah, I have a story about my Japanese language abilities. When I talk to my friend on Skype, I know I'm fairly good, but I also know my own limits. When the subject gets difficult, my vocabulary is clearly too small. But, one night when I was talking with the girl my family was hosting, I realized that I was keeping up with her during the conversation and that I could actually reply back fluently to her. I guess I can do simply conversation. Oh yeah!

Approximately a week ago, I caught a cold after getting back from Seattle. Even now I'm not completely better. So, I had to take a couple of days off to rest while they were here. Man that sucked. After that, although I was quite tired, I hung out with them until they left.

On the day I saw them off, everybody gather at the airport to say goodbye. I was surprised, but actually it wasn't the girls, but rather the boys that cried the most! I even got to see my teacher cry for the first time. Since I'll be studying in Japan in six months, I didn't feel the need to cry. I know I'll be able to see them soon!

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